Negotiating for Success

Workshop Description

Every sales professional needs a solid foundation in the fundamentals of negotiation.  To be a successful sales professional, a person must begin learning negotiating skills from the start of his or her career, continue evaluating current negotiation approaches, and develop new frameworks to achieve high performance over time.   

The purpose of the Negotiating for Success workshop is to improve your ability to plan and implement sales negotiations with emphasis on how to reach win-win agreements for your company and the customer (or other organization). Participants will have an opportunity to work in-depth on a real life, sales role play situation and receive extensive feedback from peers and instructor. 

Who Should Attend?

Negotiating for Success is well suited for newer sales professionals and sales support personnel.  Experienced sales professionals and sales managers should attend the Sales Negotiation Skills Workshop.  
Workshop Topics and Objectives

The topics shown below are for the one day version of the Negotiating for Success workshop. You select the most relevant topics for your sales and service team. We will then customize the workshop content and duration at no cost to you.

Overcome Common Barriers and Challenges in Sales Negotiations: Understand and improve your ability to avoid making common mistakes such as conceding too much and not planning effectively.

Reach Win-Win Agreements: Average sales negotiators don’t fully understand how to reach an agreement that is a win for both sides. Learn essential negotiation skills such as analyzing both sides’ alternatives, distinguishing wants from needs, and giving and getting concessions.

Plan and Conduct Sales Negotiation: The best negotiators distinguish themselves by what they focus on during the planning process. Apply the negotiation planning skills and concepts in a realistic, multi-issue negotiation role play exercise.

Identify and Respond to Adversarial Tactics: Average negotiators do not react well when the other side uses adversarial tactics, such as threats and deadline pressure. Sharpen your ability to identify and respond effectively to common adversarial tactics and dirty tricks that the other person may use during a negotiation.

Customization and Delivery Options

The Negotiating for Success workshop content, duration, and delivery options can be customized for your company and primary audience. Peak Selling provides a full line of customized sales and sales management workshops, offering instructor-led training, online training, and coaching

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