Peak Selling's consultants also provide 1-on-1 coaching for sales professionals, sales support personnel, and sales managers.  We begin with a preliminary no-cost, no-obligation phone call to assess your individual needs. A typical coaching engagement then usually consists of 2 to 4 hour-long coaching sessions.  You can decide how many and when to stop. 

Depending on what you wish to focus on, the coaching sessions will include some, but not necessarily all, of these resources:

  1. A self-survey to identify your natural strengths and areas for improvement. This would be done prior to the first session.
  2. During each hour-long coaching session, we use a variety of interactive techniques to help you practice the skills. For example, short role plays, demonstrations by the consultant, and planning forms. 
  3. In addition, during each coaching session you receive a pdf attachment that summarizes the main skills and topics that were discussed.
  4. After the session concludes, you are assigned a relevant action to apply what you learned. 


Free 15 minute phone consultation.