Newer Salespeople Benefit Tremendously from Sales Training

When anyone joins your sales organization, such as a salesperson from another company or a new hire directly from college, you should take advantage of their first year or so to teach them the sales process and selling skills that are essential to how your company sells. An effective way to do this is to offer a planned sequence of core workshops. 

Why do we recommend that newer salespeople attend several core workshops?  Because it is more effective to initially teach them the right way to sell for you than to break bad habits a few years later.  In addition to teaching these essential skills early in their career, sales training for newer salespeople motivates them and can attract a salesperson to join your organization in the first place.

Core Workshops for Newer Salespeople

Peak Selling has designed several workshops for newer salespeople. We consult with you to select the most relevant workshops, recommend a desired sequence of core workshops, and customize the content and practice activities. Workshops designed for newer salespeople include: Essential Selling Skills, Time Management for SalesSelling on Value, Writing a Winning ProposalSales Prospecting and Business Development, Negotiating for Success, and Sales Presentation Skills

We encourage you to speak with a Peak Selling consultant so that we can learn more about your sales training needs and then suggest the workshops and delivery options that would be most applicable for you.

Essential Selling Skills Online Training is a great option for newer salespeople. The online series includes 12 sessions and nearly 6 hours of online sales training.  The series focuses on the skills needed to sell effectively in today's business environment and provides practical tools to help you become a more consultative and value oriented sales professional. Session 1 How Selling Has Evolved is free, so use it as a no-cost way to preview the series. 

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