Everyone Who Interacts with your Clients Should Excel at Sales Customers often interact with inside sales support and customer service personnel more frequently than with your sales professionals.  As such, shouldn’t they be proficient at selling skills?  The benefits to your business can be considerable, notably: improved customer satisfaction and retention, identification of sales opportunities that can be communicated to your sales team, increased sales through upselling and cross selling, and stronger customer relationships.

Sales Training for Sales Support Personnel

Certain advanced skills and workshops are appropriate for the entire sales and sales support team to attend together. For example, Peak Selling’s Sales Negotiation Skills, Key Account Management, Writing a Winning Proposal, and Team Selling workshops work well when you can send the entire team to the workshop. They learn the same selling skills and can apply these skills as a team during the workshop to real life sales opportunities.

Other skills and workshops are purposely designed for the sales support personnel. This allows you to sharpen the skills that are most needed by this audience. For example, Peak Selling’s Customer Service & Support, Influence Skills, Negotiating for Success and Essential Selling Skills  workshops work well for individuals who are not salespeople or are new to sales. 

All of the above workshops can be delivered either in-person or as virtual online training sessions. We encourage you to speak with a Peak Selling consultant so that we can learn more about your sales training needs and then suggest the workshops and delivery options that would be most applicable for you.

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