Customer Service & Support

Workshop Description

It does little good to make a sale if your company or organization cannot service your current customers.  Increasingly, many companies have found that outstanding customer service is the key to customer retention, growth, and profitability.  The Customer Service and Support workshop teaches the skills needed to "wow!” your customers and surpass their expectations, beginning with some foundation skills but then progressing to advanced concepts such as a team approach to customer service. 

Who Should Attend?

Customer service representatives, whether experienced or new to their position, will benefit by upgrading their skills.  The Customer Service Workshop is designed to help anyone else who is involved in servicing and supporting customers.  With new "teaming” environments, entire customer service teams would benefit from participating in this workshop.

Workshop Topics and Objectives

The topics shown below are for the two day version of the Customer Service and Support workshop. You select the most relevant topics for your service and support team. We will then customize the workshop content and duration at no cost to you.

How to "Wow!” Your Customers: Highlights what the best companies and individuals do to surpass the service expectations of their customers; including a discussion on the indicators of great customer service.

Telephone and Email Communication Skills: Guidelines for communicating with customers over the telephone and with email.

Service Recovery Model: A 6-step model for dealing with service disruptions, with emphasis on becoming more versatile and comfortable in handling service disruptions and dealing with difficult situations such as the angry customer.

Questioning and Listening Skills: One characteristic of outstanding service providers is the ability to understand the customer’s needs and concerns.

Managing Customer Expectations: Teaches how to be assertive and persuasive when a customer is making an unreasonable request.

Team-Based Customer Service: Shows how the entire organization, not just the customer service department, should and can interact with customers.

Sales Opportunity Analysis: quite often the customer service person can identify opportunities for additional sales; you will learn some fundamental selling skills to develop these opportunities further.

Customization and Delivery Options

The Customer Service and Support workshop content, duration, and delivery options can be customized for your company and primary audience. Peak Selling provides a full line of customized sales and sales management workshops, offering instructor-led training, online trainingand coaching

Need a customized workshop in Spanish? Contact us to schedule a time to talk with our Senior Bilingual Instructor (Instructor Bio in English and in Spanish).

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