Sales Negotiation Skills

Workshop Description

Negotiation skills are crucial for sales professionals in today’s business environment. Sales people make several common mistakes when they negotiate. Sales people tend to concede too much, and focus on price and not enough on exchanging currencies other than price. Many sales people underestimate their power. They often aren’t as comfortable with formal contract negotiations. The Sales Negotiation Skills workshop focuses on these problems and the practical skills and techniques necessary to achieve win/win agreements. Participants learn to identify, select, and execute various tactics and to respond to adversarial tactics.  

Who Should Attend?

The Sales Negotiation Skills workshop is well suited for experienced sales professionals. Newer sales professionals should attend the Negotiating for Success workshop. Sales managers can use this workshop to develop the negotiating skills of their entire sales team.  

Workshop Topics and Objectives

The topics shown below are for the two day version of the Sales Negotiation Skills workshop. You select the most relevant topics for your sales team. We will then customize the workshop content and duration at no cost to you.

Reaching Win/Win: Understanding when it is appropriate to use a win/win strategy, and when you may wish to use a different approach for different sales situations.

Planning and Preparing for Negotiation: Guidelines for planning wants, needs, walkaway points, currencies and concessions, including a planning form to help you prepare for contract negotiations.

Negotiation Styles: Learning how to adjust your negotiating style for different customers and situations, with emphasis on an advanced questioning technique that can be used in all negotiations.

Responding to Adversarial Tactics: Improve your ability to use a variety of tactics, and how to respond effectively to adversarial tactics. You will learn how to select specific tactics that are consistent with your negotiation objectives.

Increasing Your Power: The workshop teaches many practical tips and techniques for increasing your power, notably the importance of identifying other options that would be acceptable for you.

Team Negotiation: Understanding when and how to use a sales negotiation team (optional module).

Critical Negotiation Situation: Each participant has an opportunity to apply the concepts to an upcoming negotiation situation, and can also take advantage of a post-workshop consultation with the instructor at no additional charge. 

Customization and Delivery Options

The Sales Negotiation Skills workshop content, duration, and delivery options can be customized for your company and primary audience. Peak Selling provides a full line of customized sales and sales management workshops, offering instructor-led training, online training, and coaching

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