How many of your customers are so satisfied that they would recommend you to their own customers?

Posted on 12/06/2016 in Customer Service & Support

Is providing exceptional customer service a top priority at your company?  Do all customer-facing personnel work to exceed customer expectations and build customer loyalty?  Do you have a framework in place to ensure that everyone works to repeatedly satisfy customers to the point of long term loyalty?   

Many customer satisfaction surveys, from a wide range of industries, show a common pattern in terms of how customers react to situations when they are either "wowed” or dissatisfied:  

  • An extremely satisfied customer will typically tell 2 to 5 other people about their positive experience. In other words, a "wowed” customer will provide unsolicited referrals of business for you. 
  • An extremely dissatisfied customer will tell 5 to 20 other people about their negative experience,and encourage prospective customers not to use your company’s products and services. This creates bad word-of-mouth and damages your reputation in the marketplace. 
  • The majority of extremely dissatisfied customers will stop doing business with your firm without telling you (as many as 90%)! If you don’t respond well to a service recovery situation you likely will lose the customer and that same customer will tell other prospective customers not to use your company or products. 

Can you honestly check all four items below in the Happy Customer Checklist?   

____ We have a great product/service

____ We deliver, as promised 

____ All touches with customer from order to delivery and beyond are provided with exceptional caring service

____ We have an effective system in place for resolving negative customer service situations

So a good place to start is to analyze your customer service from your customer’s perspective.  How many of your customers are so satisfied that they would recommend you to their own customers?  Get the checklist out at your company and make sure that everyone is living by it.  

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