Face-to-Face versus Virtual Sales Calls

Posted on 04/23/2024 in Selling Skills

Whether you are new to sales, or are an experienced sales professional, most of your sales calls - or perhaps all of them - are now done virtually instead of face-to-face. How can you succeed at selling virtually? What mistakes do you need to avoid?

This blog will offer a "big picture" view, and subsequent blogs will go into each of the following topics in more detail.  Specifically:

  1. Which selling skills are most essential in virtual sales calls?  We've identified 5 essential virtual selling skills, such as questioning and listening.
  2. How do you master the technology?  (which will vary somewhat depending on if you use Zoom or Teams or something else) For example, lighting, sound, background, visual aids.
  3. What are the most common mistakes? We've identified 4 common mistakes, of which one is weaker relationship-building skills.