Global Software Company - Leadership and Influence Training

Global software and process controls firm needs management and leadership upgrade in influencing skills

Business Issue

A global software and process controls firm needed to upgrade their leadership and management curriculum, notably in the area of influence and communication skills, to ensure managers from various acquired businesses could work together effectively.

Sales Training Needs Assessment

The corporation had expanded significantly, largely through acquisition of different businesses throughout the world.  They needed to ensure that managers from various international offices could work well together.  Influence skills were identified as a critical competency for mangers at the U.S. headquarters and other international facilities.  The corporate training and HR manager searched for a training and consultant firm to assist them in this effort, and selected Peak Selling after auditing our How to Achieve Results Through Influencing Workshop.

Sales Training Solution

Because the client needed to teach the Influence Skills workshop globally, they decided to use several internal instructors, who then attended Peak Selling's train-the-trainer workshop.  We taught the trainer workshop for several instructors who collectively were responsible for the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia.  Furthermore, because the client expected to teach hundreds of managers, they opted for our licensing agreement for the workshop materials.   This allowed them the flexibility to customize, translate and then print the workbook in each country.

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