Pharmaceutical Sales - Influence, Negotiation, and Team Selling Training

An international pharmaceutical firm wanted to accelerate the approval process of new drugs through the FDA and had assessed that they did this poorly relative to other U.S. pharmaceutical companies.

Sales Training Needs Assessment

An overseas pharmaceutical firm had done an outstanding job at developing new drugs and getting them approved by various regulatory agencies throughout the world. The notable exception was in the United States.  Senior management was  dissatisfied with their process and efforts to get new drugs approved through the FDA.  Compared to other pharmaceutical competitors, their success rate and the duration of the approval process was poor.

Sales Training Solution

Peak Selling assisted first from a consulting perspective. We interviewed senior managers and HR personnel, and facilitated a series of high level meetings to record and analyze their existing process to approve new drugs. Next, a series of critical points - problem areas - were identified, along with a series of possible solutions. Some of the solutions had sales training implications, notably in terms of team-building skills, influence skills, and presentation skills. Peak Selling then taught a series of customized workshops on these skills based, respectively, on modules from our Influencing SkillsTeam Selling, and Sales Presentation Skills workshops.  At the conclusion of the project, the pharmaceutical firm estimated that they had gained several months in the overall regulatory approval process, which was estimated to be worth millions of dollars in additional revenue.

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