National Health Insurance Provider - Customer Service Training

A national health insurance provider needed to upgrade the skills of their customer service team to handle challenging customers over the telephone.

Sales Training Needs Assessment

The sales force had done a good job of bringing in a lot of new clients and members, but the health insurance firm found that the customer service team was not performing up to expectations at servicing and responding to incoming telephone calls from these clients.  The health insurance firm wrote internally some Telephone Caller Scripts.  However, these scripts by themselves did not greatly improve the situation.  The management team and training department decided that a customer service training workshops was needed.

Sales Training Solution

Peak Selling designed a customized version of our Customer Service and Support Workshop.  We also consulted with the health insurance firm to revise their Telephone Caller Scripts to be more customer-focused and concise.  During the workshop, the customer service employees had an opportunity to practice using these new scripts in realistic situations.  The teaching emphasized two main areas:  first, what they could say or do to "wow" customers and, second, how to maintain call control yet still build rapport and strengthen the relationship with the caller.

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