Major Health Insurance Firm - Consultative Selling Training

A major health insurance firm needed to reverse a decline in enrollments.

Sales Training Needs Assessment

For a variety of reasons, enrollments had declined in the past few years.  To help reverse the decline, new senior sales management was hired.  The new sales management team assessed that the entire sales force needed to become more consultative and less focused on price.  More specifically, the sales force needed to do a much better job of asking probing questions, differentiating themselves from competition, and communicating this information through the broker to the client.

Sales Training Solution

Peak Selling's Value Selling Workshop was customized extensively to address all of the above issues.  Since the entire sales force was involved, we wrote realistic role plays so that they could apply and practice the skills in actual sales situations, ranging from calling on the owner of a small business to meeting with brokers or consultants who represented large corporate clients.  To ensure that the sales force used the sales skills afterward, we provided the managers with a variety of reinforcement tools such as our coaching kits.

Relevant training materials available for managers through our Coaching Kits product line, specifically the Selling on Value Not Price and Handling Objections kits. 


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