Dental Insurance Firm - Value Selling and Negotiation Training

A dental insurance firm initiated a national sales campaign, and needed to upgrade the skills of the sales force, sales support staff, and underwriters to sell and negotiate on value, not just price.

Sales Training Needs Assessment

The new president of the dental insurance firm brought in a new senior sales management staff to lead an aggressive sales growth campaign into new markets throughout the United States.  They assessed that the current salespeople, sales support staff and underwriting employees were doing a good job at servicing existing clients, but needed to upgrade their skills so that the sales growth campaign with new customers would meet profitability targets.

Sales Training Solution

Peak Selling used a combination of our Selling on Value and Sales Negotiation Skills Workshops to kickoff the sales training program at their national sales meeting.  To ensure that the entire organization worked as a cohesive team on these new sales opportunities, the sales training workshop included sales support staff and underwriters.  Each salesperson applied the concepts to a real life situation, and worked purposely in intact teams with the appropriate sales support staff and underwriters.  Since the class size was large at the national sales meeting, we provided a series of follow up workshops taught in smaller groups.

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