Engineering Consulting Firm - Online Training and Management Consultation

An engineering and consulting firm was recognized as an innovative and reliable technology provider by their clients in the media industry in North America. The company had grown dramatically through acquisitions.  Although their entire sales force was technically proficient, the salespeople varied tremendously in their sales approach and methodology. 

Sales Training Needs Assessment

The sales force was geographically dispersed throughout North America and it was not economically feasible to bring them all together for face-to-face training.  Upper management, including the Vice President of Human Resources, decided that online sales training workshops would be the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to teach everyone a needs-based sales process that they could all follow.  

Sales Training Solution

The client selected Peak Selling’s Essential Selling Skills online series. Each salesperson registered and signed up individually for this online series. The entire sales team finished all of the sales training in a few weeks with no travel expense or lost time from the field.

Upper management was very pleased with the results of the online sales training, and contacted Peak Selling for additional sales coaching and consultation. Based on a selling skills assessment survey tool that each seller had completed in the online series, we compiled aggregate results in the form of assessment sales skills reports for the two main sales divisions. This allowed upper management to view the strengths and areas of improvement for each salesperson, and to compare and contrast the results of the two divisions.

Peak Selling provided personal sales consultation that gave upper management the necessary information for them to then do their own 1-on-1 coaching with individual salespeople.  This was a great follow up action to the online sales training because the internal sales managers could interact and work with each person individually to work on improving sales skills and achieve sales goals.

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