Credit Union - Leadership and Business Development

A credit union wanted to develop the future leadership competencies of their officers and managers.

Sales Training Needs Assessment

The credit union was in a growth mode, with plans to add some branches and to expand some others. This meant that new managers were going to be hired or promoted, and that the responsibilities of all the managers would increase. It was essential at this point that the officers and managers develop their leadership skills. The President and senior management team felt that the current officer group was competent, but wanted them to become outstanding leaders who would operate consistently throughout all the branches.

Sales Training Solution

Peak Selling assisted in three ways. First, we led and processed focus group sessions and 1-on-1 meetings to identify the future skills and competencies that were crucial to the long-term success of the credit union. For example: leading a team, motivating employees, building a sales culture. Next, we designed a series of Essential Selling Skills workshops to teach these diverse skills. Lastly, we followed up and reinforced the workshops. The client did an extensive Level 3 and 4 measurement of the training effort, and saw 15% or greater improvement in skill levels and business results.

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