Techniques for Building Better Customer Relationships

Posted on 06/08/2017 in Selling Skills

What techniques do you use to build good customer relationships? An effective relationship-building technique that is overlooked by many salespeople is what we call expressing commonalities.

Expressing commonalities is a wonderful technique because it works to both build and strengthen relationships and rapport

Expressing commonalities normally takes place in the opening stage of a sales call and helps warm up the conversation. When used genuinely the commonality you share establishes trust and helps build or strengthen the relationship with the other person.

What might you have in common with this person or with their organization? Commonalities can often be found when you think about goals, background, network, or interests.

Common goals can refer to personal goals or company goals. For example, both companies believe in environmentally friendly business practices.

Common Background refers to what do you and the other person have in common in terms of your personal background – where you grew up, where you went to school, prior jobs.

Common network refers to someone that this person knows. This may be a referral, a colleague, someone in the same industry.

Common Interests refers to things like sports, hobbies, or travel.

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