Need Sales Training or Coaching in Spanish?

Posted on 07/01/2016 in Selling Skills

STAR welcomes Carlos Madriz to our team of senior sales consultants and trainers.  He is an experienced sales performance consultant and sales training facilitator.  Prior to working as a sales trainer, coach and consultant he worked over 10 years in field sales, sales management, and operations with a Fortune 25 corporation.  

Carlos is fluent in Spanish and English and has helped to customize training programs for a more effective facilitation and implementation. His major goal is to help “make the connection” that training and behavioral change must go hand-in-hand to get better results and training return on investment.  His motto: “How can it be done, better, faster, more effective?” 

Do you need sales training or coaching in Spanish?  Contact us to schedule a time to talk with our Senior Bilingual Instructor. Spanish Sales Trainer (English Bio) and Spanish Sales Trainer (Spanish Bio)

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