Do you Know Your Customer's Customers? Do You Know Your Customer's Competitors?

Posted on 03/05/2014 in Selling Skills

Imagine the value you can provide to your existing and prospective customers if you know the answers to these questions:

Who are your customer’s major customers?

Who are their main competitors?

Average sellers don’t ask these types of questions.  Set yourself apart and probe deeper!  Find out about your customer’s customers and competitors.  
Go ahead and ask your customer:
  • Who do you sell to?  
  • What are your target markets?  
  • Who do you compete with?
  • Which competitor is toughest for you to compete against?
Your customers are no different than you.  You want to sell more and differentiate your company from your competition.  Your customers want to do the same thing, They know they need to if they want to survive, thrive, and grow their business.

Think about it.  If you can position your company and your products or services as a way to help a customer to sell more or to do something better than their competitors, this can help you win the sale. Get to know your customers and prospective customers by learning about their business so you can effectively communicate the very specific value solution that you can provide on their terms.
So, ask yourself how well do you really know your customers?  If you don't already know who your customer's main customers and competitors are you need to go ahead and ask these important questions. Before going on a sales call to a prospective customer, do you homework and try to learn in advance as much as you can about who their customers and competitors are. Understand your existing and prospective customers better and you’re guaranteed to have more sales success.