Filming and Feedback in Sales

Posted on 11/20/2016 in Sales Tools

Filming was commonplace only 15-20 years ago in sales training workshops, but is now rarely used. Ironically, as technology has improved and cameras and equipment have become less expensive and easier to use, LESS filming has become the norm.   
Why not plan your next sales meeting to include filming and feedback? It is important that prior to the meeting, you tell everyone on the sales team that filming and feedback will be used.  Be clear that the purpose is to use the filmed sales role plays as an opportunity to improve each person’s sales skills.
To ensure that the filming is time well spent, ask each person to bring an important and upcoming sales situation to the meeting.  For example, if you are about to launch a new product, tell everyone to bring a real life customer opportunity for that particular product.  It is easier and more comfortable to work on a real-life situation and this also gives each salesperson the dual benefit of preparing for a real customer opportunity. In addition to the filming and feedback, each person leaves with some timely suggestions that can be implemented in the near future.
Naturally, most people will feel nervous about filming a sales call in front of peers. Two things will help address nervousness constructively.  Allow each person an opportunity to film 2 short sessions.  The first opportunity is used as a benchmark and alleviates nervousness.  The second opportunity can be a re-do of the first or a new sales opportunity. Filming twice allow the salesperson to see firsthand their own improvement.  
The sales managers should be careful to set the stage in the meeting so that feedback is balanced and positive. Salespeople tend to be very self-critical of the first filming, so we encourage sales managers to ask for feedback at the end by saying "What specifically did you do improve upon in the second role play compared to the first one?”   This will certainly help direct the feedback to end on a positive rather than a negative note.
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