Sales Training cannot replace Sales Management

Posted on 11/01/2016 in Sales Management

Good sales management comes first! And, sales training is not always the best or only solution. 

Consider the following frustrations expressed by sales managers we've heard during sales management workshops and coaching sessions:

  • Spending too much time on the wrong accounts: "She calls too often on smaller accounts and hardly at all on new prospective accounts."  
  • Poor follow-up routines: "Sometimes he takes 1 to 2 weeks to get back to a customer with an answer, and the sales opportunity is gone.”
  • Sales call report deficits: "She learns great information about the market and our competitors but doesn’t share it with anyone.”

Sales training could certainly help in each of the above three cases, but good management and coaching is even more necessary, with or without any training. Sales managers need to be sure to set and clearly communicate expectations and spend time coaching and developing their sales people. Utilize affordable resources like our one-on-one sales coaching packages and Coaching Kits for Sales Managers to improve sales skills.