How to Improve your next Sales Meeting

Posted on 04/23/2014 in Sales Management

After hearing many sales managers say how challenging it is to find the time to plan and lead skill-building sales meetings, we launched a series of Sales Meeting Kits.  STAR Sales Meeting Kits provide sales managers with everything needed to run focused, skills-building sessions at upcoming sales meetings.  Four topics are currently available and additional topics will be coming soon.  

Unlike a typical sales meeting, where most of the time is spent reviewing sales figures and providing updates, these sales meeting kits will give you the tools to develop the skills of your salespeople, energize your sales meetings, and build a stronger sales team.

Specifically, how can these sales meeting kits benefit you?
 Three ways. First, you receive everything you need in order to do this yourself, and at a fraction of the cost of using an outside training company.

Second, because each skill-building session takes 1.5 hours or less, you have tremendous scheduling flexibility. For example, as an energizer at the end of a full-day sales meeting, or as a stand-alone event such as a breakfast meeting or a lunch-and-learn.

Third, and most importantly, improve your sales results.  Each kit focuses on a particular skill set, designed to help salespeople  sharpen their ability to win new business, sell more to existing accounts, manage key accounts, and so on. 

Watch our Sales Meeting Kit video to learn more.  We also provide a free Teaching Tips Webinar and handout, providing helpful tips on how adults, and in particular, salespeople, learn best.