Do You Know What Motivates Your Salespeople?

Posted on 06/11/2014 in Sales Management

A key component of every sales manager’s job description is to coach, motivate, and provide the support and information needed to ensure their salespeople can meet and exceed their sales objectives.  

Sales Managers should be regularly revisiting two important questions about each member of their sales team.
Do you know what motivates them?
Do you know what de-motivates them?

It is important to realize that money is NOT the primary motivator for most people. Different things motivate different salespeople, so you should use a combination of monetary and non-monetary rewards to motivate salespeople. 

Non-Monetary Motivators come in many creative ways and can be very powerful.  Sales professionals work in a stressful environment, so rewards and recognition can regularly provide a much needed morale boost.  Below is a list of just a few suggestions for how to motivate your salespeople.

Praise and recognition consistently are rated as effective motivators. 

Delegate a task or project to the salesperson. Nothing communicates more strongly than delegation that you trust and believe in him or her.  One example is to allow your salesperson to lead a sales meeting skills building session. Visit our Sales Meeting Kits Webpage for more information. 

Keep a visible list of wins such as new business generated this quarter, number of successful contract renewals, and so on.  

Ask a senior manager to send a letter or thank you note to the person.

Hold a celebration meeting if your sales team has done something well.

Get successful sales professionals involved in mentoring others since sharing with and teaching others is a powerful skill and motivator. Visit our Sales Meeting Kits webpage for help. 

The ultimate motivator is frequent coaching by the Sales Leader. You will inspire and motivate your sales team when you demonstrate through frequent coaching that you have a strong commitment to helping each sales professional improve.