How to Lead a Coaching Conversation

Posted on 04/06/2017 in Sales Coaching

One golf lesson will probably mess up your golf game, but a series of lessons with the same coach are likely to get you to the next level.
Salespeople benefit from coaching just like athletes do.  A well-coached salesperson is more likely to improve their sales skills and have increased motivation to strive for a higher level of achievement.
Coaching by a sales manager is the most critical component of a manager’s job. Sales coaching improves sales performance, confidence, and results. In fact, research by the Sales Excellence Council showed an increase of 17% in performance for salespeople who were coached more than three hours per month, in comparison to those who were coached fewer than two hours per month.
Make it a priority to get into a regular coaching routine. Follow the process below when leading a coaching conversation.

Getting Started
1. Put the salesperson at ease. 
2. Briefly cite the purpose:
     -one or two areas for discussion
     -your expectations for performance vs. actual performance     
The Dialogue
3. Clarify issues, ask relevant questions. Listen! Ask follow up questions.
4. If possible, cite some positives to convey confidence. 
5. Demonstrate support by offering resources to help the salesperson's improve. 
The Resolution
6. Agree mutually on an action plan, including when you will discuss again.
7. Ask the salesperson to summarize the action plan.
8. End on a positive note and commit to providing feedback.

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