How Can Coaching on Essential Selling Skills Help You?

Posted on 04/27/2016 in Sales Coaching

How can coaching on essential selling skills help you? The best sales professionals excel at three things: 1) Planning for a sales call, 2) Using a Sales Call Process as a roadmap during a sales call, and 3) Following up after a sales call. The One-on-One Coaching Package for Selling Essentials will help you improve selling skills and techniques, identify and overcome weaknesses, and increase sales.

During the coaching conversation we focus on the essential selling skills that should be done before, during, and after each sales call?

1. Plan for a sales call – We realize that you can’t and shouldn’t try to plan everything. Otherwise, the call will sound scripted. However, a failure to plan usually means that the sales call will not go well.

2. Follow a sales call process – Many salespeople overlook some critical tasks and actions that should be done during a sales call. For example, they minimize the time spent in the Opening Stage, which means that they do not build rapport or strengthen the relationship with the customer. Average salespeople tend to rush to the closing stage and fail to do a thorough job of asking questions and selling the value of their company, products, and services.

3. Follow up – Many sales opportunities require more than one sales call to eventually win the business. Follow up refers to both the actions that you need to take, and to assess if the customer has made a decision to move forward.

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