Customize a One-on-One Sales Coaching Package

Posted on 04/13/2016 in Sales Coaching

Why should you utilize a sales coach? Research demonstrates that when it comes to sales professionals, nothing influences the bottom line results more than a solid coaching program. Because sales professionals naturally are confident, competitive and self-motivated, they tend to be more invested and engaged in the process of self-improvement. STAR's coaching process provides a two-way conversation and other resources that will help you assess strengths, identify weaknesses, practice new skills, and meet your sales goals.

STAR’s Coaching Packages offer an accelerated way to meet the desired goals of coaching. In addition to 1-on-1 coaching conversations, we blend together a combination of eLearning modules, online self-assessment surveys, and other resources such as articles.

Best of all, the sales coaching is tailored to you - both the content and the schedule. We begin with a preliminary no-cost, no-obligation phone call to assess your individual needs. We then mutually agree on which coaching package is best for you. You can select from three popular STAR coaching packages (Selling Essentials, Sales Negotiation, and Key Account Management) or design a completely customized coaching package.

Each STAR Coaching Package includes:

  1. Free 10-15 minute Introductory Phone Call: This free call will help you determine which coaching package is right for you.

  2. One Hour of Phone Coaching with your expert sales coaching consultant. Prior to the call you will:

    1. Online Skill Assessment Survey- Personal assessment is an integral part of learning.
    2. Sales Skills Reading: A 6-10 page selling skills article that will be discussed during the coaching conversation.
    3. Online Learning- You will choose two pre-recorded online learning modules that each run about 1 hour in length. 

  3. Many choose to schedule additional coaching sessions – Two to three coaching sessions is common, but you choose as you go.

Contact us at or 781-934-0900 to inquire about a coaching package to suit your needs.