Rebuilding Your Confidence as a Sales Professional

Posted on 03/07/2018 in Sales Call Planning

All sales professionals encounter a dip in sales results. For some, it causes a drop in self-confidence. What can you do to rebuild your confidence? The answers vary with each person, but a good starting point is to "Trust the sales process."

Trust the Sales Process

What do we mean by "trust the sales process," and how can this help you to rebuild your confidence?  A loss of confidence often causes a salesperson to start to do things differently.  Two examples would be to rush through the opening of the sales call because of nervousness, or try to close too soon in an attempt to improve results.  

Focus instead on the sales process that you've used successfully in the past.  Each step in the sales process is like a link in a chain. If you do one step poorly, it weakens the entire chain, and your sales results will continue to suffer.  By focusing on the sales call process that applies to your business, and doing each step in the sales call process as well as possible, you should see your sales results improve.

Here are two additional resources if you want more information on an effective sales call process:

  1. View our free online module titled How Selling Has Evolved for a summary of the critical selling skills that are needed today to make successful sales calls. For example: selling on value and team selling.
  2. Your sales call process should address what you do before, during, and after each sales call. Because pre-call planning - what you do before the sales call - is so important, read Are You a Sales Professional or Well-Paid Tourist for some advice on the three most critical tasks to do when planning.