Sales Training on a Shoestring Budget

Posted on 03/01/2017 in Online Sales Training

Businesses in 2017 are running leaner than ever and training budgets are certainly feeling the squeeze!  But cost-cutting measures do not have to equate to sales training being eliminated. 

Shorter, more customized, and highly focused training events are now the standard.  The net gains include the obvious reduction in training and travel expenses.  But there are additional gains that are more difficult to quantify, such as reduced stress of time away from sales territories.

The Sales Manager's job may be the most important and most difficult job any day of the week, and particularly when running so lean. Here are some ways to continue to foster sales skills improvement using internal resources and a shoestring budget:  

Online Training Modules. Many skills and concepts can be taught effectively online. Visit our newly redesigned Essential Selling Skills online training. This 12-session series is well-suited for newer sales professionals.  A great way to use this online training as a sales manager is to assign one or two sessions at a time and then coach around those topics using the practical exercises and planning forms included.

Coaching Kits.  A manager can teach themselves or ask a top salesperson to lead a skills-session. A 2 or 3 hour session on handling objections run by someone on your team can be very practical and impactful!  Visit our Coaching Kits for Sales Managers pages to learn more.