Online Capabilities Enhance the Flexibility of Sales Training Services

Posted on 08/08/2013 in Online Sales Training

Salespeople by the nature of their job need to be in the field selling. Of course they need the tools to sell, but time away from the territory is opportunity for the competition.  Online solutions for both training and coaching fits like a glove for salespeople.  There are many advantages, but beyond the obvious cost and time savings, it is the flexibility that is most appreciated.  

There are three ways in which our clients have appreciated and utilized the flexibility of online training.  First, some clients have combined shorter in-person training workshops with personalized online coaching for each person. This type of consistent and personalized interaction with each participant has helped to fully develop their own best practices and really change behaviors.  For example, within weeks of completing a combined workshop/online coaching assignment for one of our clients, we received feedback from the president reporting improved sales from this very effective, affordable, and flexible approach.

Second, rather than do an in-person workshop at all, many clients are now scheduling a series of live online training workshops instead.   Because these are taught as live events, it still allows customization of the content of the workshops, question and answer sessions, and interactive activities.  Flexible scheduling is one of the main advantages of a live online workshop.  Rather than commit to a full day or longer that would occur in an in-person workshop, the online training sessions are divided into a series of short modules, typically one hour or so.  Furthermore, each module can be scheduled at a day and time that doesn’t take away optimal sales time with your clients.

Third, another option is to purchase on-demand, recorded online training sessions. These training sessions are ideal for any employee needing to sharpen up on a particular skill. On demand training provides the flexibility to offer training to individuals or small groups that otherwise would not justify doing an in-person workshop or live online training session.  Participants view the training at their convenience, allowing them to receive training and not lose any face-to-face selling time.