Essential Selling Skills Online Training Series - Newly Designed!

Posted on 04/19/2017 in Online Sales Training

Announcing a newly designed Essential Selling Skills online training series. The 12-part Essential Selling Skills series includes almost 6 hours of on-demand sessions, each about 30 minutes in duration. This skill-based, practical approach to sales training includes a comprehensive overview of the essential skills needed for success as a sales professional. Self-paced learning provides access to videos, handouts, planning forms, and quizzes. 
Online training for sales is growing. The increasing demand for online training options is especially relevant in sales because salespeople, more than any other profession, need affordable sales training solutions that provide flexibility, portability, and efficiency. 
  • Flexibility – Online training can be done anywhere from any device with internet. Sales professionals can access the online learning at their own pace and at any convenient time. The inconvenience of leaving the territory is not a factor.
  • Portability – Sales professionals can start and stop eLearning from various locations and access the training from desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphones.  Sales professionals are always on the go and appreciate the ease of access.  
  • Efficiency – Productivity increases with more time in the territory to build relationships and sell because eLearning doesn’t require time away from territory.
  • Affordability– Productivity increases with no travel expenses incurred. Sales professionals need to travel enough to sell and can appreciate not having to travel also for training. 

Free preview: The Essential Selling Skills series is well-suited for newer sales people. Essential Selling Skills Session 1: How Selling Has Evolved is the first of twelve online learning modules in the Essential Selling Skills Series. This session is free so use it as a no-cost way to preview the entire series.  The rest of the the Essential Selling Skills modules include: 

2 - Stages and Critical Tasks of Selling

3 - Pre-Call Planning

4 - The Opening Stage and Relationship Building 

5 - Elevator Speeches 

6 - Questioning Skills 

7 - Listening Skills 

8 - Presenting Information as Benefits 

9 - Selling on Value 

10 - Agreeing to Action and Follow Up 

11 - Handling and Preventing Objections 

12 - Varying Your Selling Style