Agreeing to Action

Posted on 10/03/2016 in Online Sales Training

When salespeople are assessed on their natural skills and tendencies, newer salespeople typically score on the lower end of the spectrum for what we call the agreeing to action stage of the sales call process.  This is because newer salespeople are reluctant to ask for the sale. 

A better way then asking for the sale is to ask for the next action. There are plenty of examples of how a salesperson can ask the customer for an appropriate next action without being too pushy.  For example, "What if we agreed to set up local inventory for you?  Would you be willing to then sign a long term contract with us?"  

The Essential Selling Skills Agreeing to Action and Follow Up online training session teaches several ways to advance the sale forward, with emphasis on selecting the method that fits the personality style of the customer.  The entire Essential Selling Skills Series offers over 6 hours of sales training broken up into 12 individual modules. 

With experience, new salespeople learn to become consultative problem solvers.  This happens because they stop worrying about appearing too pushy, and instead focus on recommending actions and next steps that address the customer’s issues.