Leveraging Influence to Be an Effective Leader

Posted on 01/26/2015 in Influence Skills

Improving your ability to effectively influence others helps you become more effective as a leader, entrepreneur, or sales professional.  Learning to leverage influence while building positive relationships is powerful! 

Learn more about the workshop in this hour long pre-recorded Leveraging Influence Webinar
Workshop options include:
  • Register for a 6 week online Influence Workshop including Q&A sessions and on-demand replays. Options include weekly live sessions or go at your own pace, on-demand.  Included is a pre-assessment questionnaire to measure your own growth. For $199, you have access to the same training those companies spend thousands of dollars on.  It's a small investment in you that will yield massive returns.  

  • The same two day in-person immersive Influence Skills Workshop is available to be customized for your entire sales team.  
Contact pkirch@actusmr.com  or info@salestrainingandresults.com for more details.