How Much Do You Use Influence Skills in Sales?

Posted on 04/09/2014 in Influence Skills

Influence skills are a core competency for salespeople, customer service personnel, and managers, yet many people never consciously think about sharpening their ability to influence customers, colleagues, and others.  

Consider the key accounts that your company must protect and grow.  Influence skills are critical for anyone who manages and interacts with key accounts. For example, here are some common situations that are likely to arise with key accounts, and for which your ability to influence others is crucial:

When interacting with various people at each of your key accounts: 

It does little good to develop a great value proposition for a key account if you can’t present your value proposition  to the decision-makers in a clear, compelling, and persuasive manner

Influencing a gatekeeper to help you gain access to a decision-maker

Strengthening relationships so that one or more people at the key account become your champion

Convincing an existing customer to make a change that would be beneficial to both of your organizations  

Influencing other people and groups internally because you need their support at a key account: 

Convincing others inside your company to do something special for a key account 

Persuading one of your suppliers/vendors to provide a modified product or service in order to help you win or protect a sales opportunity at a key account

Getting other colleagues to assist you at the key account, such as agreeing to make a joint call or presentation

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