Looking for a New Sales Meeting Activity? Try This Customer Zone Activity

Posted on 02/12/2014 in Customer Service & Support

At your next sales meeting, try taking a customer service poll.  Ask your sales and service professionals to make a list of ten current customers. Then ask them to categorize those customers into three zones:
Service Recovery
Service Expectations
Service Surprises

A customer in the Service Recovery Zone has had some issues or concerns with your product or service and may wonder if he/she could be happier with a competitive product or service. A customer who falls in the Service Expectations Zone is satisfied with the product and service they receive from you and generally feels that his/her needs or expectations are being met. A customer in the Service Surprises Zone is extremely satisfied with both the product and the service from you and feels that their needs have not only been met, but exceeded time and again. They might even recommend you to a business colleague.  

After everyone does this exercise, compile a tally by zones. What does the tally look like?  Where do most of your customers fall in the three zones of customer satisfaction? To go a step further, ask the following questions to prompt a discussion of how customers land and stay firmly in your service surprises zone: 
  • What can each of you on the sales team be doing to WOW your customers so that they migrate upward to the Service Surprises zone?
  • How successfully and how quickly have you responded to difficult customer situations that may fall in the Service Recovery Zone?
  • Overall, how can you demonstrate to customers that you will consistently meet their needs and address their concerns?
It isn’t realistic to have all your customers in the surprises zone. However, the expectation across the organization should be to have a real sense of urgency and importance associated with moving everyone out of service recovery. When a customer in service recovery is handled extremely well they can be so impressed that they move directly into the Service Surprises Zone.  Every person who deals with customers, from sales to service should be subscribing to this customer philosophy
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