Retail Cable Provider - Improve Customer Engagement Skills

The management team felt that external customer relationships were good but that they could improve their ability to interact internally, in the hope that the entire organization would then understand the value of customer retention and growth. Because this regional cable provider competed with two prominent national cable companies, management felt that any improvements in customer interaction would differentiate them from their larger competitors.

Sales Training Needs Assessment

Peak Selling interviewed several managers. The managers originally believed that our Customer Service and Support workshop would best meet their needs. However, after doing some additional assessment, we found that there also was a need for some skills and topics from our Influence Skills and Essential Selling Skills workshops.

In addition, the management team cited that two of the most important groups in the sales training workshop would be their sales professionals and installers. These two groups met with customers in person and were the employees most likely to encounter customer complaints, as well as to be in a position to identify additional sales opportunities. For this reason, these topics and skills were added to the workshop.

Sales Training Solutions

Peak Selling designed a customized sales and customer service skills workshop that used modules from the three workshops shown above. Some of the key skills and topics included how to wow customers, questioning and listening for needs and sales opportunities, managing customer expectations, and resolving difficult customer situations.

In addition, each participant completed an assessment survey that identified his or her natural strengths and areas for improvement at influencing and interacting with clients and colleagues.The output of the workshop was that the entire organization became more confident and competent at interacting with clients.

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