Pharmaceutical Sales - Time Management and Selling Skills Training

A major pharmaceutical firm was about to introduce a new product that would open up new markets for them, and felt that the skills and priorities of the sales force were not aligned with the marketing strategy and plan.

Sales Training Needs Assessment

The senior sales and marketing managers felt that the current sales force were likely to focus on the "low hanging fruit" of selling current products to current customers, and that the upcoming new product launch would not succeed unless some timely and immediate action was taken.  They decided to use an upcoming national sales meeting as the best opportunity to communicate this message internally and to also teach the sales force the skills needed to succeed in launching the new product.

Sales Training Solution

Peak Selling designed a customized sales training workshop so that the selling skills and priorities for the new product were aligned with the marketing effort. The workshop was a combination of modules from our Essential Selling Skills and Time Management for Sales workshops. During the workshop, the sales force prepared and practiced making tailored product presentations for the different market segments. To ensure that existing and new markets were targeted, we also spent time in teaching and discussion on: how to sell the new product to existing customers; and, second, how to gain entry to new prospects for the new product.

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