Multi-National Petroleum Firm - Negotiation Training

A multi-national petroleum firm had made a series of acquisitions, and wanted to upgrade the negotiating skills of the new consolidated purchasing department.

Sales Training Needs Assessment

Peak Selling interviewed the Senior Vice President of Procurement to identify the training needs for the entire purchasing department.  Negotiation skills and following a negotiation process were two of the most pressing needs, so we then distributed a negotiation skills survey to the various employees.  The results of this survey identified several common areas for improvement, such as planning for major negotiations, asking better questions, and becoming more skillful at giving and getting concessions.

Sales Training Solution

Peak Selling designed a customized Negotiation Workshop (non-sales) for the purchasing department to address the skill deficiencies identified above.  The workshop focused on external negotiations with vendors and suppliers.  Customized role-plays were written and used so that each person could practice in real life situations.  The workshop concluded with each purchasing manager applying the skills and completing a planning form for an upcoming negotiation.  We monitored the results of these negotiations, and the client reported that the procurement department collectively estimated that they had saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Additional training materials available for managers through our Coaching Kit  product line, specifically the Giving and Getting Concessions when Negotiating kit.  

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