Petroleum Industry Partnership - Influence & Negotiation Training

A partnership consisting of several worldwide leaders in the petroleum industry needed to improve community and contractor relations while utilizing an untapped oil formation in a major metropolitan area.

Sales Training Needs Assessment

Peak Selling spoke with the Managing Director to identify the training needs for the cross-functional regional office responsible for managing an oil facility in a major metropolitan area.  Although the employees were viewed as technically proficient, many of them needed to improve their negotiation and influence skills, primarily with outside contractors and the local community and government.

Sales Training Solution

Peak Selling tailored a workshop based on a combination of our Influencing Skills and Sales Negotiation Skills workshops.  The skills and practice activities focused on two relevant groups:  interactions with outside contractors and with community representatives.  A series of follow up and reinforcement tools were used to sustain and support the use of these skills as part of a long term effort to build a new culture based on reaching win/win outcomes with contractors and community and government officials.

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