Financial Advisory Firm - Leadership and Influence Training for Managers

A nationally-renowned financial advisory firm had doubled in size due to the acquisition of another prestigious organization, and needed to teach newly promoted managers how to manage and coach effectively.

Sales Training Needs Assessment

Peak Selling interviewed the Senior Vice President and his immediate direct reports.  They disclosed that an immediate consequence of the acquisition was the promotion from within for many new managers.  Although proficient from a sales and product perspective, many of these managers had never managed people before.

Sales Training Solution

Peak Selling designed a customized management workshop based on our Coaching for Sales Success and Influence Skills Workshops.  We emphasized how the managers could avoid mistakes that new managers typically tend to make, such as trying to be the "super seller" rather than developing the sales capabilities of their employees. We taught all the initial management workshops, and then worked with the client using our train-the-trainer option so that they could then teach the same workshop to new managers to be hired in the future.

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