Financial Services Call Center - Cross selling & Consultative Sales Training

Inbound call centers needed to improve their ability to cross-sell and be perceived as a consultative seller

Business Issue

A large financial services firm prided itself on the product knowledge and responsiveness of their inbound call center employees, but felt that many sales opportunities were being missed.

Sales Training Needs Assessment

Peak Selling interviewed the two call center managers, followed by a focus group meeting with a selective group of employees.  It became apparent that the employees did many things well from a sales and service perspective, such as professional phone presence, responsiveness, and product knowledge, but missed the opportunity to ask questions to identify additional sales opportunities.

Sales Training Solution

Peak Selling designed a customized sales training workshop with two objectives in mind: first, to improve the confidence and competence of the call center employees  to be more consultative and less product-focused and, second, to learn to ask better questions.  One of the most valuable concepts from the Essential Selling Skills Workshop was Peak Selling's trademarked questioning technique known as IDEAL® Questioning, for which participants received our electronic Sample Reinforcement Kit as a post-workshop tool.

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