Specialty Chemical Manufacturer - Value Selling Training

A mid-sized specialty chemical manufacturer wanted their sales force to learn to sell on value in order to extract a better profit margin.

Assessed Sales Training Needs 

The prior sales management team had not effectively segmented and targeted the right customers, and had encouraged the sales force to go after the "quick win" resulting in a majority of price only buyers. The new sales management team realized that the prior approach had created three related problems. First, the current customer mix was poor and offered few opportunities for revenue and profit growth. Second, profit margins were not commensurate with the high value specialty chemical line offered by the firm. Third, the sales force had not learned sales techniques to sell on value, nor been encouraged to do so.

Sales Training Solution 

Peak Selling designed two complementary sales training programs to build mastery among the entire sales and support organization to sell on value. The initial sales workshop taught the fundamentals of Selling on Value, such as how to prepare a customized value proposition for a specific customer. The second workshop, titled Key Account Management and Strategy, focused on more sophisticated sales skills of value selling, such as how to gain access to the higher level decision makers and present your value proposition in a compelling way. Results measured after the training documented a five-fold growth in profits.

Additional training materials for managers available through our Coaching Kits product line, specifically the Selling on Value Not Price kit. 

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