Chemical Manufacturer - Prospecting & Business Development Training

A large chemical manufacturer needed to upgrade the capabilities of the sales force to become more proficient at sales prospecting and business development.

Assessed Sales Training Needs 

A new chemical plant had recently come online but the timing was bad because demand had softened due to the economy, resulting in excess plant capacity. The existing sales force had been predominantly responsible for servicing existing customer accounts and the prior plant capacity had been fully utilized for many years. As a result, the motivation of the salespeople to bring in new business had atrophied. The company needed to teach the sales force how to prospect for new business, as well as sharpen their sales skills to grow existing accounts.

Sales Training Solution 

Peak Selling designed a customized workshop for them based on our Sales Prospecting and Business Development workshop. Their sales professionals developed a sales process to identify and capitalize on the best business opportunities, and learned the sales skills to advance these business opportunities through the various selling stages of the sales prospecting pipeline. The client initially committed to teach the entire senior-level sales force but expanded the effort to include all sales personnel as well as the sales management team.

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