The Essential Selling Skills 12-part online and on-demand series includes nearly 6 hours of online sales training.  The series focuses on the skills needed to sell effectively in today's business environment and provides practical tools to help you become a more consultative and value oriented sales professional. The Essential Selling Skills series can be purchased at a discount for $299 or individual online modules can be purchased for $35 each. Session 1 How Selling Has Evolved is free, so use it as a no-cost way to preview the series. The series is divided into 12 sessions, each about 30 minutes in duration.

How can this help salespeople?  In order to sell more effectively to current customers and win new business at prospective accounts, salespeople need to be proficient at essential selling skills such as asking great questions and selling on value. Sales people will learn to vary their selling style for different customers, handle objections effectively, and advance the sale forward.   

Essential Selling Skills Online Training Series:

1-How Selling Has Evolved 7-Listening Skills
2-Stages and Critical Tasks of Selling 8-Presenting Information as Benefits
3-Pre-Call Planning 9-Selling on Value
4-The Opening Stage and Relationship Building 10-Agreeing to Action and Follow Up
5-Elevator Speeches 11-Handling and Preventing Objections
6-Questioning Skills 12-Varying Your Selling Style

Sales Managers and Training Managers who buy the Essential Selling Skills online training series
also buy Coaching Kits to teach interactive skill-building sessions to the members of their sales team. 

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